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Stem remedies - A new path breaking concept   
This is a unique system of spraying remedial solutions on the tree stem .......

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Simple Olfactometer used to study the reaction of animals especially insects, to specific odours or smell....... 


Hot Brining for mango fruits, if your mangoes get rotten every year due to worms.......


Pied piper technique for pheromones Many farmers end up with more pest damage when they use pheromones, find out why?



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Agri consultants Kerala

This site is dedicated to the farmers all over the world who would use the right solutions for cropping at the right time, and without prejudice to the use of any method except that it is environment friendly to the extent possible. We don’t shun the use of chemicals when it is absolutely unavoidable, and hence, is not adamantly organic. To this end, we have some solutions which may sound utopian or purely imaginary; but is meant for you, the farmer and the farming passionate. That is why we call this as "your foundation"

Thus UíR foundation proclaims its mission
"What is obvious could also be misleading and what seem to be misfit may lead us to the obvious "

What can UíR foundation do for you?
If you have a problem, especially in Agriculture or related fields,
we can provide consultation on solutions through e-mail.
If you want an expert panel to visit your spot, we can arrange for a specialist(s) to reach you Or any other help that our mission upholds

agriconsultantskerala has a team of scientists who can provide solutions in every field of farming.

We are also undertake Translation Service English to Malayalam and Malayalam to English
Send your queries for consultation or suggestions to ([email protected])

For more details and  personal visits to Kerala, Gods own country ,
     contact: [email protected]

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